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Priceless experiences.....

You know what, there are a few things in this world which are amazing and cannot be replaced by any other experience.  Experience of walking bare feet on the dried leaves and the grass covered with dew Experience of letting the raindrops kiss me while I am drenched and the wind hugging me... Experience of hugging my loved ones and immersing myself into the hug and forgetting the world... Experience of allowing the feet to dig deep into the sand while the waves pass away after  washing them... Experience of being thrown out by the waves on the beach and sometimes somersaulting under the waves... Experience of feeling the heaviness in the body while relaxing... Experience of sitting under a shady banana plant and holding its bark which feels so cold on a rough dry afternoon Experience of listening to the birds chirping away Experience of seeing the beautiful orange sunrise amongst the numerous cottony clouds Experience of seeing the full moon in the dark sky while clouds cover and uncov

My child does not listen to me ....What do I do ?

Do you relate to these words?? My child hardly shares anything with me... He just answers whatever that is asked and then there is a long pause... We hardly share any in we do not connect...our life is more about giving him what he wants during his day to day routine activities..seems transactional...dry without any emotions... He was not like this in the past... As time passed by, he is becoming more and more withdrawn and quiet... I am getting to know him through social media- his Facebook posts and sometimes by checking his snapchat and WhatsApp messages...or sometimes by reading his diaries or notes... It is very dangerous as I don't know anything about my child...sometimes I am shocked to read what he writes about himself or rather what he feels about himself We stay in the same house but like strangers... I want to help my child but somehow there are so many layers between us which have increased as time has passed by... Can you please help us?