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Time and the "NOW"....

We went to see the movie Jumanji 2. It was amazing and Neel really enjoyed it. And then on the way back home, I told him about Jumanji one with Robbin Williams (Oh!! I love him and adore his work so much). I was very keen that Neel should see this movie. And then it was playing on Star Movies -Neel slept off midway while I finished seeing it till the end. And then, I saw again with him. The scene that hit me was when Alan comes back and checks his dad’s factory – he is shocked to see everything change so much!!! While Neel enjoyed the movie, I was anchored rather transported to the time when I saw it with my dad. It was such a different experience seeing it with my dad and now with my son. The movie is the same, it's just the time that has changed. And then while my eyes stared at the screen in front of me, a different movie started in my brain. How every small passing day has brought about small little changes in the day to day routine and over a period of

Does Santa really exist ????

I was entering the lift and met my neighbor in it... she asked me where I was going and I told her that, I had to buy the “Santa gift” for my son... She smiled and said that kids grow up and realize that “Santa does not exist”. We reached the ground floor and she was gone..... The words “Santa does not exist” kept coming back and I kept on feeling sad...a strong impulse in me kept on asserting “he does exist!!!!” He definitely comes every time I need something... It is no coincidence that my mom reaches back from Punjab today and gets my favorite “phulkari” for me. She is my Santa... In fact, we humans use a lot of logic and make ourselves believe that “synchronicity” or messages from the universe are “coincidences” I got the phulkari that I wanted, got the perfume that I And I don’t want to think that “Santa does not exist”... I don’t want to make myself believe that “it is just a coincidence”. I want to believe that the universe works in

Modern day fairy tale....

Once upon a time, there was a small little girl who used to stay in a city in a small little house. It was a fast city but the life of this little girl was untouched by the fast pace. She used to wake up in her own sweet world taking ages to brush her teeth while adjusting her frilly green color frock which was her favorite. While she brushed her teeth, her focus was on the lace of her frock as she admired herself and her frock. She was very happy living her life. Then she would eat the most delicious food in the world cooked by her mom. She used to play and play with her younger sister-sometimes fighting with her and sometimes laughing with her. Sometimes she would help her mom and at most times she used to be lost in her own sweet world of imagination and creativity. She had the most amazing time with her parents sharing about every little thing that happened with her -some of which was real and some were made up. She had a lovely life where nature was her best

Learning to trust instincts.....

At the Kandivli Khushi center, my consultation room faces a mango tree that has lots of squirrels. I always see them running from one branch to another in between my consultations. I remember asking so many parents about which bird makes the continuous sound and does not even stop for breathing or refilling. I was really curious until one day I saw this little squirrel making the sound. I always thought it was a bird but it was a squirrel chirping. And every time that it would make the bark or the chirp, it would lift its tail up.So now, I knew what a squirrel sounds like !!! So yesterday, I was in between sessions, when one parent reached late for the schedule EFT session. She was late for more than 25 minutes and while I was waiting, I saw this squirrel constantly barking and lifting its tail. It did not even breathe. I was getting tired but somewhere deep down, it seemed like it was not for fun. It was scared or restless. It kept sitting on the branch and barking