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Learning lessons of life from the little ones...

I have been witnessing amazing experiences since the last one week. One parent came to me and she was really unhappy that her son is having behavior problems. The child (8-year-old) had a diagnosis of Autism and communicates by using just a few words. You know what I have this amazing sense to feel people by their energies. When a family enters my consultation room, sometimes I feel pins all over my body and I know that the family is really really stressed. And then there are others who visit me, who are passing through the same experience as the others but they carry with them a blanket of peace and calm and I am also sucked into it. There are others who come who comb my “being” with vibrations of deep insights revealing strong, intense and raw truths about life. So, I love to nurture this sense in me and love to sense people and their energies. So, when the door opens, my energy antennae start sensing – is it heavy, light or sorted or confused or just

Makar Sankranti and Lohri...

Its makar Sankranti tomorrow. Lohri was yesterday... My son comes and says “What is this god bod thing mummy”? He says “Mummy, what is the reason to celebrate these things? Why do we do that? I explained that after this day, days get longer and winter starts to disappear gradually. And people eat laddoos made of sesame and jaggery. These are given to all friends and relatives- wherein it symbolizes that happiness and joyous state grows when shared. With the flood of malls and fast food outlets, eating special delicacies on special days is washed away leaving no trace of its importance for the kids. Buying new clothes happens every month when there is a sale on Amazon/Flipkart instead of doing it for festivals. Eating out happens every alternate week at a fast food hub... Things have changed... everything has changed and is changing... the waves are strong and washing away the importance of special days... And then I come back home in the afternoon lost in my thoughts abou