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Gray in transition-just one month....

The last date of coloring my hair was 6th May 2018.
And when I was coloring my hair, it used to feel as if the roots show so fast but now when I plan to grow them, time seems to be crawling like a tortoise...
I went to my hairdresser and shortened my hair. And you know what I was very happy with the streaks that I gave to my hair so that I move from black to brown. And as time passed by, gloominess and sadness engulfed me. I was feeling really sad and not clear about what was causing the sadness.
Anyways, I thought it was time for some EFT for myself.
And the coach Reena and the client Reena came face to face. Graying hair -the emotion beneath it needs to be delicately handled and also transmuted to self-love so that it motivates me to stay put in this journey...
Coach:- What are you sad about?
Client:- I am not sure how many grays I have!!! I am so scared about how will I look... What to answer if people ask me what is the reason to go through this entire torture?
Coach:- Reena, what exactly do you want?
Client:- Freedom from coloring hair. I want to be my authentic self.
Coach:- What stops you from getting there?
Client:- I don’t know how I will look or rather it is about why does it have to take 6-9 months for the complete transition. The wait is killing me. It's like going through a pregnancy where everything is changing...body shape, emotions, and everything and giving birth to so many greys...
Coach:- What was the best thing that you got out of being pregnant Reena?
Client:-I was a new person everyday and the birth of my child made me a mother. I loved the emotional growth in me. But my child was growing inside me. I got the final complete baby in my hands... And my hair is inching away very slowly and slowly...the very fact that I have to wait makes it really painful. I just want that I go to sleep and wake up with long silvery platinum hair but .....
Coach:- What about transition is painful Reena?
Client:- Seeing myself change every single day. I don't want change when I know that change is the constant thing in my life. Or rather also about what do I answer if people ask me why I am not coloring?
Coach:-So are you concerned about people or about the change?
Client:- Change is good but this is not a good change.
Coach:- What about greying is not a good change? What does going grey mean to you?
Client:- Gray is associated with “getting old”. I am not even 40. I am not old.......
Coach:- Where did you get this belief from?
Client:- From all my relatives and friends?
Coach:- How true does it feel to you?
Client:- Not very true but society has a way of looking at things...I believe that you grow old when you want to....
Coach:- What do YOU feel about it?
Client:- I want to embrace this change. It is about me and only about me. I have to be ready. Sometimes, it feels like I am addicted to the hair color. And want to grab on to it and color my hair again. But the cycle of coloring day in and day out is a BIG torture and I am ready for embracing my hair the way the universe wants it to look.
And then the conversation ended.
I am loving this interaction within me. Not sure if anyone ever felt this.
I am going to blog everything and write a book on this..
Any suggestions for the title of my book....


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